The ORBO series of concept watches utilize orbiting digital displays (potentially e-ink) that are integrated into an analogue minute hand in order to add additional functionality to the watch, as well as create an extremely simple watch to read. The design of the face is meant to be very simple, clean and yet informative. It uses no numbers or text on the face, but rather clean cuts of varying width that indicate the normal hour and minute marks. The goal was to create a minimal graphic face that added function while not distracting from the orbiting digital displays. Since it is the core of the watch’s personality and innovative design, the displays and the armature hand are meant to be bold and graphic. As the hand makes its hourly rotation, the images on the displays maintain alignment towards the top of the watch, or twelve o’clock, enabling an at-a-glance read. The first display tells the hours and the seconds, the second display tells the date or current weather depending on the model, though this second screen could easily accommodate various forms of data both complex and simple, or be used to cycle through various functions. The STOP model is a design for a digital chronograph that functions in the same manner.

I am currently looking for manufacturing and development partners for the ORBO watch. Interested parties please contact me at:

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